The Battle of Philiphaugh Audio Guide

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How to use this guide?

Hello and welcome to the Battle of Philiphaugh Audio Guide.

As you visit the ancient (1645) battlefield at Philiphaugh you can now hear audio clips as you walk.

On this app you can hear the “Ballad of Philiphaugh” which was published in 1869 by Sir Walter Scott in his book “Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border”.  In addition, we have transferred our atmospheric audio tour files for you to enjoy as you read the battlefield interpretation.

On the menu you can also hear audio clips from the Salmon Viewing Centre by choosing one of the drop down menues.

We hope you enjoy your day at Philiphaugh!

The Philiphaugh Community Project has been funded by Scottish Borders LEADER, Scottish Borders Council and Philiphaugh Trust